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Wine Cheers


Our gourmet snacks are 100% locally sourced. Meet a few of our partners.


Anthony Perez

Chef/Owner Los Muertos Salsa

Anthony Perez of Los Muertos Salsa was a compliance analyst in the mortgage industry for 15 years. He would take salsa into work for potlucks and other events, and his co-workers would always tell him that he should pursue it as a business. While he loved making it, he didn't believe taking it on as a full time career was possible.

Anthony decided to enter the Nana's Salsa Challenge and received such an overwhelmingly positive response, that he became convinced it was something he could successfully pursue. Anthony now has seven different flavors and you can find his salsa across farmers' markets from Flagstaff to Sedona.

Susan Ovenell

Founder, Sooooo Hummus Factory

Sue started making hummus in a Mediterranean restaurant in Denver, Colorado. The co-founder of the company was from Israel and had a traditional recipe handed down from his family. As the restaurant grew into more locations, so did their demand, and Sue began producing the hummus for 14 different stores.

Five years later, in 2015, she relocated to Phoenix and was inspired to begin making her own hummus. After developing 13 different flavors and getting rave reviews, she followed her dream and started Sooooo Hummus Factory.

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